Your need is our need; your goal is our goal; your success is our success.

California Grown Nut Company is located in Hughson, a small Stanislaus County town, in the middle of California's Great Central Valley. Our family has been farming the finest peaches and almonds since 1966. We pride ourselves with being a "family owned and operated business."

California Grown Nut Company processes almonds which are grown under the highest standards by experienced, independent almond growers including our own family-owned orchards.

Being growers ourselves, we realize the importance of cash flow in operating an effcient orchard. We have designed a payment schedule based on the individual needs of each grower. Keeping our overhead low, means a higher return to our growers.

CGNC is a worldwide exporter of almonds. Our export sales continue to exceed our yearly goals, with a strong representation in the high almond consumer areas. Constant communication with established almond brokers and wholesalers assures our efforts to increase our sales in the expanding global almond market.

From its inception, California Grown Nut Company has been guided by one underlying philosophy -- we are committed to providing quality products and responsive service to our customers at the best possible price!

Our word is our commitment. Grower payments are always made on time. Our commitment to you is backed by actual sales, so an unexpected market change will not affect our ability to pay our growers.

We would like to meet with you at your convenience. Please call us at (209) 883-4081 to speak to one of our representatives.