Calfornia Grown Nut Company was started in 1985, by Frank and Marie Assali.

Frank stepped foot on American soil from Italy as a small boy in 1940. His family settled in Newman, California. The only farmer in the family was Frank's uncle in the small community of Hughson.

Frank met Marie in 1958 and they were married in 1961. Frank's uncle asked Frank to help him out with the family peach orchard in 1966. The Assali's moved to Hughson and had their two children, Christina and Michael, in a home that is now only yards from their office. They farmed and ran a peach grading station from 1969 to 1978. A few years earlier some of the family orchard was replanted to almonds which sparked their interest in the industry. In 1978 they purchased an almond huller and started what is now California Grown Nut Company.

With experience spanning almost three decades and two generations, we would like to welcome the opportunity to have you be a part of our family tradition!