"The Finest Almonds grown in the
Bread Basket of California's Great Central Valley"

California Grown Nut Company and its processing facility are located in California’s sun drenched central valley in the small community of Hughson. Our climate allows us to grow the best almonds in the world. With its sun and relatively mild temperatures, California provides the ideal environment for nuts of many varieties.

Every year our export sales have reached a new high with distributors world-wide. We are especially pleased with our strong representation in the high almond consumer areas, primarily throughout the Pacific Rim and all of Europe. World-wide communication is constantly maintained with established almond brokers and wholesalers in our continuing effort to increase our sales it the expanding global almond market. We are in a very good position to compete with anyone in the world.

Guaranteed. We stand behind our product and our people. Because we believe in the quality of our almonds, we’re not afraid to offer you one to the strongest guarantees in the industry. It is through this aggressive commitment to a quality product that we maintain our position of leadership in the industry. Consumers and customers make our existence possible. We will provide them quality products and superior service.

We have strength in our commitment to Total Quality Management in our plant. Customers around the world rely on California Grown Nut Company for quality products delivered when and where needed. Our customers never have to worry about our company not being able to live up to its obligations to its buyers. That’s the kind of reliability our buyers count on.

There are many elements to California Grown Nut Company’s magic act. For over 20 years, CGNC’s been on the cutting edge of almond business. Every aspect from growing and harvesting techniques to quality assurance and testing is executed with precision to ensure product freshness and reliability. Food safety standards are unsurpassed. Processing systems achieve foreign material standards up to 100 times stricter than those accepted in the industry.

California’s finest whole natural almonds, USDA Grade are now available for shipment worldwide in 25 lb. & 50 lb. cartons and 2000 lb. bins. The following is a list of USDA Standards for California almonds:

USDA Standards for California Almonds

In our on-site facilities, we use the latest technology fill your orders for top quality almonds rich in color. Isn’t it time you took a closer look at California Grown Nut Company?