Welcome to the Hughson Chamber of Commerce

The Hughson Chamber of Commerce exists to promote a strong local economy, support the community, promote our schools, provide networking opportunities and to promote our business and Agriculture.  The Chamber provides a wide range of services and events, as well as responds to hundreds of inquires.  The Chamber supports and refers only Chamber Members.  We are dedicated to promoting our community and its resources.

When you become a Chamber Member you are listed in the Chamber’s website,  including a link to your website address, and you are also listed in the quarterly Newsletter. Your investment into the Chamber is 100% Tax Deductible as a necessary business expense.  Together we can accomplish what we could not accomplish individually.  Please join th Hughson Chamber of Commerce to help your business and your community.

” We need a chamber that is here to help new business overcome the obstacles of starting a new business in town and to help invite new business to Hughson”  
                   Victor Martino – Bella Viva Orchards          

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